Train your macaw parrot and birds here

Train your macaw parrot and birds here
  • 40 million years ago: First evidence of parrot species
  • 1.5 million years ago: Evidence of parrots in South America
  • 1000 B.C. First written evidence of parrots appears in the Indian Rigveda
  • 500 B.C.  Evidence of talking parrots in Persia
  • 344-342 B.C.  Aristotle referred to parrots as psittacae in his History of Animals.
  • 327 B.C.  First parrots brought to Greece by Alexander the Great’s military forces.
  • 146 B.C.  Greeks introduced parrots to Rome after the Roman conquest.
  • 77 A.D.  Pliny the Elder’s Natural History mentioned parrot training methods.
  • 400 A.D. Fall of the Roman Empire led to a decline of interest in parrots in the area.
  • 1493 Christopher Columbus returned to Spain with a pair of New World parrots for Queen Isabella, and popular interest in the colorful birds surged.
  • 1800s Budgies are introduced to England.
  • 1864 The Cuban red macaw becomes extinct. Unconfirmed sightings persisted
  • 1869 Hendryx brand is hatched; later becomes Pre
  • 1904

1930 Parrot fever scare, widely reported in the New York

1930s-1952 The American Radio Warblers, a troupe of singing canaries were broadca

1936 Franz Scherr opens Parrot Jungle on the site of a former nudist colony in Miami, Florida.

1940 Sarasota Jungle Gardens opens in Sarasota, FL. It’s a piece of ‘old Florida’ that remains open today.1948 Debut of Oscar winning film, Bill and Coo, featuring a cast of live lovebirds and

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