White Capped Pionus for Sale


White-capped pionus parrots are beautiful, curious, intelligent birds that can make excellent pets for the right people. However, not everyone is well suited to care for one of these birds, especially considering that they can live for 30 years or more.

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The White Capped Pionus, or White Crowned Parrot as it is also known, is a friendly, gentle and fun parrot. With a kind-hearted nature and a playful mind, these birds are an excellent choice for beginners and experienced owners alike. Although they are smaller than other pionus parrots, these lovely birds are no less robust and hardy than their relatives

White-capped pionus are known to be feisty and comical, as well as sweet, affectionate little birds. They are brilliant and take well to training when their owners are patient and consistent. These parrots thrive when given social interaction and mental stimulation from playing and learning tricks.


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