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The Triton Cockatoo is a large parrot that measures an average of 18 inches (46 centimeters) and weighs approximately 693 grams at maturity. Males are generally larger than females. Like most cockatoos, the Triton has stunning white plumage with a striking yellow crest. Yellow feathers may also be seen under its tail and wings.

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Triton cockatoos are affectionate, playful and highly intelligent birds. They are excellent companions for those who want a charming, loving bird, but one more active than Moluccans and Umbrellas.

Tritons and other cockatoo species can be very long-lived and a few individuals in zoos have lived up to 50 to 60 years.

This companion parrot is native to the West Papuan Islands, Indonesia, and New Guinea.

The Triton Cockatoo is one of the world’s largest cockatoos, They have big on personality. They are generally very affectionate to their owners and seem to have an endless love of being handled. In fact, some will even demand attention. These are not birds for people with little time to give. They require a great deal of time and attention and should never be considered for a home where they will spend most of their time alone. The Triton Cockatoo also has a large voice and is not typically well suited for apartment life for this reason. They are most often loudest in the evening and in the morning.

They are quite vocal and many learn to talk, though they are best known for their intelligence. The Triton Cockatoo is able to learn many tricks. That, combined with their lively personalities, makes the Triton Cockatoo very entertaining. Many Tritons are also very good at picking their way out of their cages. This can be harmful both to the Triton and to belongings in your house if they escape and are left unattended.

Triton Cockatoos should be given plenty of toys, particularly those they can chew. In addition, they should be given plenty of wooden perches to both climb and chew. Because this species loves to chew, they can be quite destructive. Tritons are known to form close bonds with their owners and are generally not nervous parrots, though they may be more nervous than the Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Cockatoos should be fed a formulated (pelleted or extruded) diet as a basis for good nutrition. The diet should be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables daily to add variety and psychological enrichment. Feed approximately 1/3 cup of formulated diet and 1/3 cup of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. If the bird consumes all of his food give additional food as desired. Overfeeding leads to pickiness, wastage and throwing food. Treats such as seeds, nuts, and table foods may be given in small amounts especially as rewards for good behavior.

Triton cockatoos are very efficient in the utilization of calories. Juvenile cockatoos are notoriously picky eaters and don’t seem to need much food to maintain. Try to ensure that the food that they do eat is nutritious. Vitamin supplements are not needed for birds that are eating a formulated diet.


Triton cockatoos are very active and should be provided the largest cage that space and budget allows. One inch by one inch by 12 gauge welded wire is a good choice for cage construction. A suggested size is 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall by 8 feet long suspended 4 feet above the ground or floor. Durable cage construction is very important because Tritons are very strong chewers and can easily break welds on poorly constructed cages. Many are also adept at opening cage latches. Locks or escape-proof latches may be necessary on cages. The cage should be as large as possible but must allow at least enough room to fully spread their wings. Ideally, the bird will have an outdoor cage as well to allow playtime in the fresh air and sunlight.


The water and food dishes in the cage need to be replaced daily with clean ones. Complete disinfection of the cage needs to be carried out every other month. Replace the chewed up toys from time to time as well.

The nails and beak should be clipped at regular intervals or else they’d get too large, and may cause injury to the owner. Clip the feathers as well to ensure your cockatoo does not fly away through an open window. Clip the feathers just enough to make sure they glide to the ground, and not fall to it.


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