Red Lored Amazon Parrot for Sale

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Red Lored Amazons have sweet personalities and make outstanding companions. They are social, outgoing and hilarious. They are great talkers. Like any Amazon, socialization is key. We encourage future owners of Amazons to allow them to interact with new people often. The more socialized they are, the better their behavior is.

Red-lored Amazon parrots are impressive and charming birds that are prized for their beauty and intelligence the world over. One of the most popular pet parrots, they have comical personalities and most have an amazing talking ability, which adds to their appeal. And yet, this species is known for being rather naughty if not properly trained, so be prepared for some birdy discipline.

Red-lored Amazons are charismatic birds that like to be with their owners as well as other birds. They bond quickly to human family members and some have a tendency to pick their favorite people and become one-person birds. In fact, loyal is a word that is often used to describe them as pets.

These birds are very talented talkers and singers. Amazons, in general, are rather vocal birds who will enjoy interacting with you verbally. Potential owners should also be aware that all Amazons can scream and most do rather often. If you adopt one, expect a 10-minute call at sunrise and sunset every day.

Like many parrots, some of these birds can be aggressive and bite if not properly trained. Owners even comment on the naughty side of otherwise perfect parrots. Sometimes they use their beaks to “discipline” their keepers. They’ve also been known to chew up electrical wires (a serious hazard) and other things around the house.



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