Patagonian Conure for Sale

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The Patagonian Conure is a very large conure with the Greater Patagonian Conure being even larger still, about 2 inches longer. The head, neck, and upper back are olive-brown with some tinges of green, while the Lower back, rump, upper tail, and underparts are more yellowish with an olive tinge. The thighs and the center of the abdomen are an orangish-red. The throat and breast are grayish-brown and there are white markings on each side of the upper breast. These white markings are much more pronounced on the Greater Patagonian Conure than the nominate species as well as their having brighter and more intense yellows on the underparts. The wings are olive with the outer feathers being blue moving down to a bluish-green on the outer secondary feathers. The tail is an olive-green tinged with blue on the tip and brown underneath. They have a white eye ring surrounding a yellow eye. The beak is gray and the legs are a flesh pink.
A younger bird will have a pale gray eye ring and the beak is almost a horn color.


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