Half Moon Conure for Sale

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The Half-Moon Conure is a lively, alert, spontaneous little bird. They will bob their head and even dilate their eyes when they are happy to see you, are showing off for you, or are just plain excited!

Though they can be noisy the Half-Moon Conure has a lower volume to their call. They are considered to be one of the quieter birds in the Aratinga species. They enjoy mimicking a variety of sounds.

The half moon conures are green dwarf parrots widely appreciated as pets for their endearing traits. They are a perfect option for first-time bird owners as they form a quick and intense bond with their owners. Amidst all conures, this species is comparatively quieter. Although talking is rarely observed in them, but some are a very good mimic.

Care and feeding of half moon conure

Half-Moon Conures are not as destructive as many of the others conures, and can easily be housed is a lighter weight cage such as a cockatiel cage. A roomy cage is appreciated unless the bird is to be let out for periods of exercise and play.

Although in the wild they depend mostly on fruits, but as pets, they require a varied diet consisting of commercial avian pellets, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Calcium blocks and cuttlebones are good enough to prevent calcium deficiency in them. They enjoy some occasional treats with home cooked eggs, pasta, meat and fruit juices.

Avocado, butter, and salt are toxic to conures, so you better avoid including them in your pet’s diet.

They are not as quick to bathe as most conures. Offer them a bath, or if they are not interested in that give them a misting of warm water with a spray bottle or in the shower or sink about every other week.

Temperament and behavior

These cheerful and agile birds spend a gala time with the toys given for their enrichment. Trained and tamed ones can stay on playpens or parrot perches for a long time without causing much trouble to anyone. You will always find them in a good mood both inside and outside the cage. They prefer the association of their owners and would love to get cuddled by them.


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