Dusky Conure for Sale

They are being hand raised and hand tamed in my home. They will be socialized everyday. They will be weaned onto Zupreem Natural Pellets and Fresh Vegetables. They will be ready for loving forever homes in about 6 weeks. Duskys make wonderful pets, they are sweet, affectionate, love to cuddle, goofy, playful and love being with their human.

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Dusky-headed Conures also known as Weddell’s Conure or Dusky-headed Parakeets, is a small green Neotropical parrot with a dusty grey head found in wooded habitats in the western Amazon Basin of South America.

They have a brownish-grey head and sides of it’s neck with feathers tipped in bluish grey, giving a slight scaled effect. The bare orbital ring is yellowish-white and breast is grass-green shading to lemon-yellow on belly and thighs. The nape to rump are green with vague dusky markings. Wings are green with dark blue tipped outer secondaries, primary-coverts and primary tips. It’s tail is green tipped with dark blue


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