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Double Yellow Headed Amazons are native to South America. They are mostly vibrant green and their entire head will turn bright yellow as they mature. This species is popular because of its outstanding talking/mimicking ability. They can maintain a large vocabulary and tend to love to sing. They are social and extremely intelligent. They require a lot of training, socialization, and consistency throughout their life in order to stay tame. In the right home, they make phenomenal companions.

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The Double Yellow Headed Amazon is not only breathtaking, with his beautiful yellow head; he is also an excellent talker. It is no surprise this parrot is a favorite among many parrot fanciers. The Double Yellow Headed Amazon, also know as ‘The Double Yellow Head’ or ‘Yellow Headed Amazon’, is a friendly parrot. He is known to get along quite well with other birds and truly enjoys human companionship. The friendly behavior of the domestic Double Yellow Head clearly stems from the fact that in the wild this is a very social bird.

In the wild, this bird is seen living in large groups. Sometimes the groups will exceed numbers of 100 or more! In addition to being friendly, this bird is also faithful and will form lifelong bonds with its mate in the wild. Being a social creature, the Double Yellow Head, like many Amazons, is a vocal parrot. If you are looking for a quiet companion this fellow is definitely not for you.

Amazons, in general, are loud, and the Double Yellow Head is no exception to this rule. It is not unusual to be awoken with loud screeches emanating from your Yellow Head’s cage as he greets the day. They are typically loudest in the morning and at dusk. Often, simply covering your parrot’s cage will quiet this sometimes, annoying behavior. Their vocalizations are not limited to screeching. The Double Yellow Headed Amazon is well known for his talking ability.

Double Yellow Headed Amazon is considered to be one of the best talkers among Amazons, and quite possibly one of the best within the entire parrot group! The Double Yellow Head has a strong, willful personality and needs an owner with a likable personality. They are very smart and will test their owners. Their intelligence gives them a comical personality that is rarely hidden from strangers. They are not shy and love to perform to an audience. Because this parrot is so intelligent, you must never let him become bored. He loves the stimulation of an assortment of toys and must be given plenty of room to stretch his expansive wings. In addition to playing with toys, this parrot also has a great love of climbing and his cage should provide adequate room for this beloved activity.

The Double Yellow Headed Amazon will reach 15-16 inches (38-41cm) at maturity. His wingspan averages eight to nine inches (205-235mm). The most distinguishing feature of the Double Yellow Headed is his bright yellow head. The yellow coloring does not reside merely on the top of the head, lores, or nape, but covers his entire head, extending to the sides and back of his head, as well as to his throat. Most of his body is covered in green feathers that are often tipped in black. The green feathers, which cover his body, are often mixed with yellow and some even exhibit a reddish margin. The yellow feathers are generally more prominent in males than females. The breast and abdomen typically possess no yellow feathers and are generally only green. In addition to a yellow head and random yellow feathers, the inside of the Yellow Head’s thighs are also yellow, and pretty red feathers are generally seen in the bend of the wing, also mixed with yellow. This gives a very striking effect when the wings are opened to their full glory.


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