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Cuban Amazons are among the smaller species of Amazons, standing only a foot tall when fully grown. They are also among the more brightly colored. The feathers of their bodies range from green to purple, blue, and red. They have striking red and white splotches on the face and throat with purple or blue on the back of the head. There is some white on their shoulders, but the majority of the wing is green and blue. Their feet and beaks are pale flesh or horn colored.

Origin: Eastern and Central Cuba

Trainability: Domestic, hand-fed babies make loveable, highly interactive pets when they are reared from a young age and taught that some behaviors are unacceptable. Amazon parrots are highly intelligent and can be taught to mimic speech as well as sounds and whistles. They can be taught tricks and, if you are diligent, can be “potty trained” to some extent.

Loudness: Amazon parrots have a wide variety of calls, including squawks, shrieks, and whistles. They can be loud at times, especially when they first wake up and before they are ready for bed. If you are looking for a very quiet bird that will live happily in an apartment without irritating your neighbors, this may not be the species for you. However, if you don’t mind a little bit of noise every now and then and your living situation allows it, they can make excellent companions.


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