Canaries for Sale

Canaries make a wonderful pet when cared for properly. Their song alone is enough to brighten any household. If you take care to give your canary what it needs, he will provide you with his beautiful song for 8-10 years!

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The canaries are very good at taking flight, even in small areas, Kinsler says. A larger-diameter “flight” cage will allow the canary to spread its wings a bit more. Make sure to place parallel perches in the cage to help the bird move naturally. Bar spacing should be no more than a half-inch for small canaries, up to 5/8 inch for larger birds.

Color canaries: These birds are known for the color of their feathers, and range from the yellow-and-green colors seen in song canaries to more unusual colors like pink and silver.
Where you keep your canary is a crucial part of his care.

Type canaries are known for their shape, stance or other physical characteristics. Some of the most popular is the Fife, Border and Gloster canaries.


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