African Grey Congo Parrots for Sale


Very sweet baby African Grey Congo weaned ready to go to hew home. He loves to cuddle and explore, starting to imitate different sounds. Our babies raised around children with a lot of love and attention, they are very sweet and tame. All our babies are weaned on the correct diet with plenty of fresh fruits, veggies along with a high-quality pellet. Will come with Hatched Certificate, DNA Certificate and closed banded.

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African Grey Congo Parrots are most famously known for their high intelligence and fantastic talking ability. but they are so much more. They can make outstanding companions and they are extremely social. The decision to add an African Grey to the family should not be taken lightly. They require lots of training and consistent love and interaction. It is a life-long commitment but one that can be extremely rewarding. Congo Greys are large with a light grey face, and bright red tail.


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