Parakeets for Sale are sweet, little social birds that enjoy the interaction with each other and with their human companions, and can be taught to talk. With their cheerful chatter and colorful plumage, parakeets make lovely pets, especially for first-time bird owners.

Parakeets are popular for their charismatic behavior and outstanding mimicking potential. They come in a wide variety of color mutations. Parakeets have powerful personalities. They require lots of hands-on training, particularity when they are young. With lots of positive reinforcement training, and Parakeets can make an outstanding companion., Parakeet has an average life span of 7 to 10 years but can live longer with proper care.

They need plenty of room to climb and fly, so purchase the largest cage you can. Parakeets fly horizontally, so make sure you choose a cage with ample horizontal measurements.
Metals such as brass and zinc can be toxic to birds, so a stainless steel cage is the best and safest option for housing your Parakeet. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this bird would be 25’’ long, 21’’ wide and 29’’ high with ½’’ wire spacing.
Parakeets are social and need daily interaction, including plenty of time out of the cage, so be sure you can devote enough time and energy to a parakeet before you add one to the family.

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