Timneh African Grey

Timneh African Grey

The Timneh African Grey (Psittacus erithacus timneh) is the smaller of the two sub species of African grey parrots. Popularity for the tinier cousin of the Congo has grown over the past few years. The Timneh African grey originate from a smaller area in Africa that includes Liberia and the Ivory Coast region. Timneh greys are a noticeably deeper shade of grey then the Congo. The feathers on its head, back and upper chest are a darker grey, and a distinct “V” shape of dark feathers lay over a lighter shade of grey on the abdomen. White scalloping of head feathers are also more distinct on the Timneh. In certain lighting, its dark grey feathers have a bluish cast. The Timneh African grey’s beak is a pink-horn color with blackish sides on the maxilla, where as the mandible is black.

Overall body length of the Timneh is smaller in size compared to the Congo African grey; it ranges from 9 to 11 inches from beak to tail with an approximate wingspan of 13 to 15 inches. The Timneh’s weight can vary in from 250 to 375 grams.

Facts About African Grey Parrots

Timneh African Greys are magnificent birds that are perhaps some of the most talented mimics of the avian world. Hand-fed birds make excellent pets and are perfect when a quieter parrot is in order.

They are sensitive and very intelligent. Toys are a must for these “bird brains” as well as an affectionate owner.

Grey parrots of any race generally make wonderful pets – although some prefer one over the other – depending on their personal experiences and what species they are more familiar with.

Those favoring the maroon-tailed, darker Timneh African Gray are suggesting that this species tends to be calmer and less nervous of new situations and people; and that they do better in family settings, while the lighter-grey, red-tailed Congos prefer one-on-one relationships. I have seen exceptions to both rules. In any case – speaking personally – there hasn’t been an African Grey yet, that I haven’t fallen in love with.

Timneh African Grey usually bond with one person. They wouldn’t do well with most children, as they are not very patient and will bite if they are being handled. Mind you, which parrot wouldn’t … For kids, I would always recommend parakeets and cockatiels.

Facts of a Grey

1. Where does the African grey parrot live?

The African grey parrot is found in equatorial Africa, meaning that it’s native to the African countries that are found near the equator.

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