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Amazon Parrots home

Amazon parrot Origin

The Amazona genus is primarily birds that are green in color. They are stocky, medium to large sized parrots with short wings and short, rounded box-like tails. This group of birds was first called Green Parrots, Green Short-tailed Parrots or Short-wing Parrots.

Amazon parrot History

  This was a romantic period where exotic birds became highly favored with British nobility and royalty. They found them enchanting, and their ability to speak startling. Early aviculturists found it difficult to identify them, there was such a variety of species and color variations.

Amazon Taxonomy

   The Green Parrots, commonly referred to as the ‘Amazons’, are medium to large parrots belonging to genus Amazona. Amazon parrots are stocky birds, primarily green in color, with short wings and short, rounded box-like tails. Identification of the different Amazon parrot species is aided by the colorful accents like yellow, blue, lilac, and red found on or around their heads, their wings, and their tails. Each species has it own striking coloration.Naturalist Rene Primevere Lesson scientifically described Amazon parrots for the first time in the 1830’s. A number of early naturalists simply wanted to have their names associated with these species. descriptions.

Amazon Parrot Behavior

   Amazon Parrots are very social birds and a single parrot will make a wonderful pet if it gets plenty of attention.

  Most Amazon birds available as pets are only a generation or two away from their wild counterparts.

   Behavior problems usually stem from something missing in the bird’s environment. Boredom, lack of trust, lack of interaction with other birds or people can lead to problems like biting, feather plucking, and screaming. A bond of trust, providing a stimulating environment, and spending time with your bird can help avoid these problems.

   Amazons can mix very successfully with children if the parrot gets used to the child.

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