Golden Yellow-naped Amazon

Golden Yellow-naped Amazon


  The Yellow-naped Amazon or Golden Yellow-naped Amazon is green from head to tail, with the underparts a bit lighter green, and the tip of the tail being a light yellowish-green. They get their name from having a bright yellow patch about the size of a quarter on the nape of their neck. Some will also have a small yellow spot on their forehead. There are some black hairs in the cere. The beak is mixture of black and horn color. The eye is orange and the feet are gray with black nails.

Care and feeding Yellow-naped Amazon

   In the wild, the diet of the Golden Yellow-naped Amazon consists of fruits, plants, seeds and nuts and probably some protein. A pet bird will enjoy a varied diet, including a quality seed mix or a pelleted diet, and many fresh fruits and vegetables. Pellets will work if started at an early age.

   Plenty of human food that is nutritious can be offered, and they like chicken. They like to eat at the table and enjoy eating with their family. Avocado and chocolate are toxic to any parrot. They will let you know when it’s dinner time.


  The basic cage care includes daily cleaning of the water and food dishes. Weekly you should wash all the perches and dirty toys, and the floor should be washed about every other week. A total hosing down and disinfecting of an aviary should be done yearly, replacing anything that needs to be freshened, such as old dishes, toys and perches.

Social Behaviors of Yellow-naped Amazon

This Amazon enjoys human interaction as well as interaction with other birds. In the wild they are very social birds living in groups. They are seen either in pairs or flocks, from small groups to groups of several hundred birds. They also form permanent pairs when they are sexually mature.

   If you are looking for a quiet bird, an amazon is not for you. It is a highly social bird who loves human companionship and loves to play. They will learn tricks and look forward to interaction and games. The Yellow-naped Amazon will provide you with many fun moments and a lot of laughter.


  The Yellow-naped Amazon will adapt rapidly, quickly becoming accustomed to a new environment and its keeper. It is then ready to start bird training. Generally though, you should give a new arrival a few days to get use to you, your voice and its cage before trying to handle it. A hand fed baby will not need much taming and can often be handled right away, as it is use to human attention.

   For information about training your Yellow-fronted Parrot see: Amazon Parrot Care: Handling and Training

Activities   The Golden Yellow-naped Amazon loves to climb and play. Provide lots of toys. It also needs room to stretch its

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