Scarlet Macaws interesting facts

Scarlet Macaws interesting facts

Severe macaws are the largest of all macaw species, native to Central America. They have a lifespan of 30 – 60 years in captivity. Severe macaws are also one of the most intelligent animal species, ranking in the top ten list of intelligent animals.

Do you like birds or parrots? Have you ever imagined what a looks like? If you like watching birds, then you must surely have a look at . The is a large breed of parrots who is native to the rainforests in South America and Central America. It is generally red, yellow, and blue in color. Their scientific name is Ara macao and they are predominantly found in various regions of central and south America. Scarlet Macaw is one of the most popular types of macaws and is also known as red macaw. How long do macaws live? Well, it depends on where their habitat is. In the wild, the lifespan can extend up to 50 years while the macaw’s can live up to 75 years in captivity.  

parrots (Ara macao) are known to be good pets as they are friendly, confident, and magnificently beautiful as well. love family and if one of them stays close to another macaw parrot, then they start considering them as their soulmate and love to spend time with them. Macaws love and also trust people and are affectionate. You can befriend a macaw bird by giving them treats inside their cage. are neither aggressive nor friendly. They keep to themselves. have a powerful bill that helps them to break the hard shell of nuts. They are active during the day.

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