Severe Macaws interesting facts

Severe Macaws interesting facts

When it comes to exotic birds, the reigns supreme. The macaw is a popular bird that many parents buy for their children as pets are the largest of all species, native to Central America. They have a lifespan of 30 – 60 years in captivity. Are also one of the most intelligent animal species, ranking in the top ten list of intelligent animals.

This beautiful creature has been captivating people from all over the world since its discovery in 1831, and with good reason. Not only does it have an absolutely stunning coat of feathers, but it also boasts some impressive stats, like living up to 60 years or more (the longest lifespan out of any species)! The ara severe birds are the largest of all parrots. They’re nicknamed “the clowns of the forest” for their loud, high-pitched call that sounds like laughter! Severeare also very colorful birds with a green body, blue head, red forecrown, yellow cheek patches, and bright orange forehead. .

They have bright colors patches on the wings that stands out against the brown body feathers, with a cute beak! and tail. The feet of these birds vary depending on how old they are; infants will either be all yellow or cream colored while older individuals may sport dark patches at the base of each toe where it meets its footpad. Females usually lay 2-3 olive shaped eggs. These parrots with the name, macaw, are super-protcetive of their eggs and often hide it under their tail.

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