The Military Macaw is mostly green in colour with the head a slightly paler shade. It bears a red frontal patch, with a white bare facial area barred with narrow black lines.

The flight feathers are blue and the red tail bordered with blue. The large strong beak is grey-black and the iris is yellow.

Military Macaws can often be heard long before they are seen. They are a very noisy bird making a variety of loud cracking and shrieking sounds, including a loud ‘kraa-aak’.

The Military Macaw generally measures 70 – 80 centimetres in length. The military subspecies is the smallest and the mexicana subspecies is the largest

Military macaws are blue and green, with a paler shade of green on their head compared to their body. There is a red patch on their foreheads and an exposed white area with dark lines around the eye. Their flight quills are blue and their tail feathers are red. The have a large black beak and yellow eyes.

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