Who do Hyacinth Macaws live with

Who do Hyacinth Macaws live with

The Macaw Hyacinth are social animals. They stay together almost all the time. They flock together in a group of six to eight birds. These wild bluebirds are always found with their partner. They also prefer human company and like to engage in conversation with humans.

How long does a Macaw live?

The longest lifespan of this blue macaw is recorded up to 50 years. The average lifespan of this palm tree resident is 38.8 years.

How do they reproduce?

The Hyacinth Macaws breed in tree cliffs and cavities of Panama trees, which is 157-551 in above the ground level. Though the mating season lasts for the entire year, the nesting period only typically falls from November to April during the wet season. They lay one or two to three eggs, and the incubation period of these birds is between 24-28 days. During this period, the female nests the eggs, and the male provides food like fruits, seeds, and nuts. The hatched newborn chicks further continue to stay in the nest for another 13 weeks and become independent post 18 months.

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