hyacinth macaw parrot baby

hyacinth macaw parrot baby
Fifteen years – so long Jaroslav and Lucie Jelinek have been waiting for the first Hyacinth Macaw breeding (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus). Finaly, their time came in the last year and the patience was definitely worth it. They bred five youngers from one pair! The success could be even better as the female laid 8 fertile eggs in four clutches. However, three embryos died in eggs.
How has that breeding of 5 Hyacinth Macaw babies in one year happened?
In my opinion, we have been just lucky. When you acquire a young pair of macaw ( Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus ) you have to keep them till they are sexually mature, birds have to get on well together. We have only one pair of this species so we can talk about an enormous piece of luck.

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