learning about amazon bird

learning about amazon bird
  • The double yellow-headed Amazon is affectionate and intelligent. You will be impressed by the speech abilities of your yellow-headed Amazon.
  • The yellow-naped Amazon is sharp and witty. This bird is known to bond quickly with a new owner. You should be aware that this type of Amazon thrives in an active environment.
  • The red-lored Amazon is a screamer! Keep that in mind if noise is a concern for you. This type of Amazon tends to form a strong one-on-one bond with a person.
  • The white-fronted Amazon is known for the brilliant rings of red around its eyes. This type of Amazon is highly intelligent. You will need to provide this bird with lots of mental stimulation.
  • The lilac-crowned Amazon thrives on social interaction. This bird also needs lots of mental stimulation.

You can study a full list of the different types of Amazon parrots¬†here. Anyone who owns an Amazon will tell you that this type of bird is truly the life of the party. The Amazon parrot is one of the easiest birds to train. Did you know that Amazon parrots are also very chatty? You may need to learn how to watch what you say if you’re planning to welcome an Amazon parrot into your home. Amazons can acquire a very large vocabulary relatively quickly.

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