Happy Amazon Parrot Day

Happy Amazon Parrot Day
Amazon Parrot Facts

All You Need For Your Amazon Parrot

Whichever Amazon Parrot species you own or are planning to keep in the future, we have the perfect product for you. There are delicious Amazon Parrot food, such as complete food that provide your Parrot with all the nutrition they require from a balanced diet, scrumptious treats that could be a snack between mealtimes, breeding and handfeeding food for Parrot parents and their chicks and finally seed for Amazon Parrots, that is a more natural way of eating Amazons need plenty of toys to occupy their time, so browse our Amazon toys section  for all the styles of toys you and them need, including swing and climbing toys, activity and trick toys and foraging toys where you can place some of the yummy foods listed above for your Parrot to retrieve.

Your Amazon is bound to be enjoying these from the comfort of their very own cage. There are play top style cages that gives your Amazon an additional area to play, open top style cages that allows your Amazon quick access in and out the cage, solid top style cages that helps your Amazon feel secure and travel cages for when you and your Amazon are travelling.

Buy an Amazon supplement if you want to cure any illnesses your Amazon has or prevent illnesses in the future. Not forgetting the vitamins and minerals that are an important addition to any Amazon’s diet.

For everything else your Amazon needs, visit our accessories page. Here you’ll discover lightsperches and much more

Offers for your Amazon Parrot

Want to treat your Amazon with one of the fabulous items we’ve listed above? Well on our Amazon Parrot Day we’ll be having special offers on a small selection of these products. Make sure you’re following us on our social media sites to hear about them all. 

The Lafeber Gourmet Pellets – Parrot 567g, made with the real taste of fruit, were £12.99, now £9.99. Save over 20%. 

Fruit Delight AviCakes for Parrots have lots of fruity flavours too. RRP £7.99 each, but you can buy two for £12.50. Save over 20%. 

The Sisal Invader has masses of sisal rope and wood for your Parrot to chew on and preen. Was £17.99, now £12.99. Save over 25%.  

The Large Sanded Forked Perch helps to keep your Parrot’s feet well exercised. Was £19.99, now £15.99. Save 20%.  

The Mimic Me lets you teach your Parrot simple words and phrases. Was £38.99, now £31.19. Save 20%.

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