Yellow-Billed Amazon Parrot

Yellow-Billed Amazon Parrot

Yellow-billed Amazon (Amazona collaria) are intelligent, inquisitive birds with moderate speaking ability. Unfortunately, these birds are rare in captivity and difficult to obtain as pets.

Yellow-bills Amazon are common in Jamaica, inhabiting remote hilly and mountainous areas. They inhabit arid upland forests and adjoining cultivated areas. They are active by nature and have a tendency toward obesity if closely confined.

Yellow-billed Amazons can probably live up to 50 years judging by life spans of similar species.

Appearance and Personality

They are stocky green parrots with white foreheads, blue caps, pinkish throats and yellow bills. The undersides of the wings are blue and the tails feathers are yellowish-green with pinkish-red at the base. The beak is a yellow horn color.

Should you somehow obtain one of these birds, always provide him with toys, blocks of wood or branches that he can chew. Never allow your Amazon to fly free within your home where he may run into fans, the stove or encounter dangerous toxins.They need to have some space for exercise.


Yellow-billed Amazons are difficult to breed in captivity. In North America, they breed predominantly in the spring and have a limited breeding season typically from February or March to June or July. Clutch size is typically 3 to 4 eggs.

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