Mealy Amazon Parrot

Mealy Amazon Parrot

The Mealy Amazon Parrot bird is one of the largest species.

Some might have a yellow patch instead. The tail feathers are light green or lime

Origin and History of Mealy Amazon Parrot

Mealy Amazon Parrots are native to Southern and Central America. They inhabit the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, Colombia, southern Mexico, Bolivia, and Peru

Common Health Problems

This species is prone to the same health problems that most Parrots are.

Nutritional deficiencies are sadly widespread. Many bird owners do not understand how to feed their Parrot correctly. This leads to various problems. Vitamin A deficiency is most common but others can occur as well.

Obesity can also occur, especially if Parrots are given too many treats. They may love sunflower seeds, but that doesn’t mean that they should eat tons every day. Regular exercise is also essential, though many owners may find that this takes more time than they have.

Polyomavirus can infect these Parrots. This virus causes appetite loss and eventually, weight loss. It is deadly in some cases, as the bird will not eat enough to sustain themselves.

  • Speech & Vocalizations

Birds from the Amazon parrot family species are excellent talkers. These Mealy amazons are intelligent and can pick up lots of vocabulary. They can learn entire songs, memorize lyrics and tones, which they love to repeat and mimic their owners.

Because of their large size, Mealy parrots tend to be very loud. Their natural call and screams can be deafening and travel a long distance. However, despite this, they are not as loud as other parrots

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