Pet Spotlight – Conure Parrot

Pet Spotlight – Conure Parrot

Think a conure parrot might be the right fit for your home?  Here are a few tips to help you keep your feathered friend happy and healthy.

What do Conure parrots look like?

Conures can be considered large parakeets or small parrots.  Their medium size (averaging 12 inches) makes them the perfect size for a pet.  This bird comes in many different colors, but usually they are green with featherless eye rings.  The most popular conure species include sun conure, jenday conure, and the green-cheeked conure.  

What should I feed my conure?

Conures love a varied diet.  Feed your pet pellet feed AND table foods.  You can share bean or grain mash, as well as fresh or cooked vegetables with your parrot to provide it with a healthy, well-rounded diet.  Just be sure to make sure that you are cautious when feeding your pet table scraps.  Certain foods (like avocados, caffeine, and chocolate) are toxic to birds.

What kind of cage does my conure need?

Conures are active birds — and they need room to stretch out.  Get a cage that is a minimum of 24 inches high and wide.  They like bars that are no larger than a 3/4 inch spacing.  Buy the biggest cage you can fit in your space.

What kind of toys should I give my conure?

There are several different types of pet bird toys.  Conuers are playful and energetic, so look for toys that your pet can chew and forage.  You should also provide enrichment with puzzle toys that will keep your pet occupied.

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