Pet Spotlight: African Grey Parrots

Pet Spotlight: African Grey Parrots

African grey parrots are a beautiful exotic bird species, but it’s not just their gorgeous feathers that makes them attractive to pet owners – they’re intelligent, too!  These birds are capable of learning numerous words and phrases.  

What do you need to know about African grey parrots before adding this bird to your family?

Keep an eye on their diet.  Make sure that your parrot has a healthy diet and living space.  African greys are particularly prone to vitamin A, D and calcium deficiencies.  

Provide them with a sufficient living space.  Your parrot is going to need plenty of healthy exercise in order to prevent a few of the common illnesses that these birds suffer from.

Remember, not all of them talk.  While African greys have the ability to talk, not all of these birds end up repeating words and phrases.  Never purchase a parrot with the expectation that they will learn human language.  Your parrot will communicate with you in other ways!

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