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Amazon parrots are lovely and intelligent birds recognized for their talking and singing abilities. Amazons are typically show-offs and love to be the center of attention! These parrots are also known to have very outgoing and sometimes stubborn personalities.

As pets amazon parrots are very loyal, however, they require a lot of attention, nurturing, guidance, and training to keep them from developing undesirable behaviors, like biting and screaming. Amazon parrots love to chew, so they need lots of destructible toys to satisfy their instincts.

There are about thirty amazon species that are commonly recognized and many sub-species. Two of the most popular species kept as pets are the Double Yellow-headed and Yellow-naped Amazons.

Amazon parrots are mostly green with other brightly colored patches depending on the species. In general, amazons can vary in size from 10 – 18 inches in length and they have short, square-like tails.

Origin and History

Most amazon parrots originate from South and Central America, but some species are also native to North America (Mexico) and the Caribbean.

The native amazon habitat varies from lowland rainforests to interior highland forests. Their habitat can also change depending on the season of the year.

In the wild, Amazon parrots are known to be very strong fliers, able to travel long distances at high altitudes.

Amazons prefer to sleep and feed in the treetops. They make their nests by chewing cavities into trees!

An Amazon parrot’s diet in the wild consists mainly of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, blossoms, and leaf buds. They have powerful beaks and can easily crack open the hardest of nuts!

The wild population of amazon parrots is classified as threatened primarily due to the loss of habitat because of deforestation. Additionally, illegal trapping has contributed to the decline in society for many amazon species.

The amazon species we breed as pets include the following:



Their life span is generally 40-80 years


Amazon species range in size from 10 to 18 inches in length and can weigh from 350 to 700 grams.


Amazons in the wild feed on a variety of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Amazon parrots are active and playful birds but require more care and attention than other domesticated animals. They are known for their playfulness and skill with their feet. It is an independent bird that likes doing many stimulating activities. Hence, it is better to provide it with some toys for exercise and amusement. Excessive screaming and chewing are the two common features seen, especially at certain stages in its life. Like other parrots, the bird also considers its beak as a way to ‘discipline us,’ and can sometimes be very naughty. Hence, it is essential to train or guide the bird before it develops an undesirable behavior.


These birds quickly adapt to their cage and the surrounding environment. It is an active bird and tends to put on weight if it does not get to exercise. Hence, the cage should have sufficient space for play and exercise. The bird usually develops a musky odor which can be bothersome to some people; therefore, it should be showered regularly for personal hygiene and to keep the smell from getting very strong. The bird needs to sleep for at least 10 hours daily, or else it can become very irritable and aggressive.

Diet: The available bird food usually includes formulated diets or seed-only diets. Both have their pros and cons. Formulated diets, which are a good source of a variety of nutrients, are deficient in phytonutrients found in vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds. Likewise, seed-only diets provide additional vitamin and calcium supplements but do not offer overall enrichment.

Get an Amazon Parrot typically available in avian-specialty stores and from bird breeders. If you are looking to buy an Amazon parrot, be sure to ask why the bird was given up for adoption and if it has any behavioral issues.

Amazon parrots We breed as pets include the

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