what can’t i feed my Blue and Gold Macaws

what can’t i feed my Blue and Gold Macaws

Blue And Gold Macaw Feeding

Enrichment is all about enhancing the quality of life for your Blue & Gold Macaw and generally relates back to activities they would usually perform in the wild.

Foraging plays a big part in enrichment for birds. To search for food is a natural instinct all birds possess, so it is the perfect way to exercise both their body and mind. There is a vast range of foraging toys to suit all species of birds and keep them mentally stimulated for when you are not at home.

It is a good idea to have several different types of foraging toys available, and to rotate them in the cage every couple of weeks. Natural branches of varying lengths, shapes and thicknesses should also be provided. 

There are many native branches that you could offer your Blue & Gold Macaw such as eucalyptus, gum, grevillea, bottle brush and lilly pilly, many of which have natural nuts and flowers that providing a foraging opportunity for your Blue & Gold Macaw. This also allows Blue & Gold Macaws to properly exercise their feet and beak as they can chew and strip the bark perches

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